What is Google Doodle?

Google Doodle is a decorative Google logo which celebrates holidays, historical events and iconic figures from all over the world. The doodle is a fun way to recognize some of the notably figures and events and it also shows the creativity of the teamwork at Google itself.
Started in 1998, there were already hundreds of doodles illustrating events and personality from all over the world and nowadays they are much anticipated by web users globally and some even make a collection of them.
At doodle-review, the Google Doodles are not just being collected but they are reviewed so that the information about the logo and the subject of the doodles can be spread to all the fans around the globe.

Happy Africa Day

Spotted in : South Africa
Date : 25/05/2011
Description : Happy Africa Day
Summary : -

Annie M.G. Schmidt's Birthday

Spotted in : Netherlands
Date : 20/05/2011
Description : 100th Birthday of Annie M.G. Schmidt, a prolific Dutch writer
Summary : Knowing the Dutch children's books writer

Nellie Melba's 150th Birthday

Spotted in : Selected countries
Date : 19/05/2011
Description : Birthday of Nellie Melba, Australian Opera Soprano
Summary : Her name was Helen Porter Mitchell and she is being honored on Google with a doodle on her 150th birthday.

Paraguay's Independence Day

Spotted in : Paraguay
Date : 14/05/2011
Description : Paraguay's Independence Day
Summary : -

Mikhail Bulgakov's 120th Birthday

Spotted in : Selected countries
Date : 15/05/2011
Description : 120th birthday of Mikhail Bulgakov, Russian writer, novelist and playwright
Summary : He was born on May 15, 1891 and today Google honored this icon with a doodle

Spain's Mother's Day 2011

Spotted in : Spain
Date : 01/05/2011
Description : Spain's Mother's Day
Summary : Special logo for the Mother's Day celebration in Spain for year 2011.

Labor's Day

Spotted in : Selected countries, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, etc.
Date : 01/05/2011
Description : Labor Day - 2011 May Day, the International Workers' Day
Summary : It is a public holiday around the world and every worker is celebrating it.

Thomas Edison's Birthday

Spotted inAustralia, Brunei, South Korea, etc.
Date: 11/2/2011
DescriptionThomas Edisons 164th Birthday
Summary: Lets review the latest doodle by Google which honored the birthday of Thomas Edison, today on February 11, 2011.

Jules Verne's Birthday

Spotted inAustralia, Brunei, South Korea, etc.
Date: 9/2/2011
Description: Jules Verne's 183rd Birthday
Summary: Guess what, it's Google Doodle time and this time I will discuss the doodle for February 8, which is the birthday of Jules Verne.

Paul Cezanne's Birthday

Spotted in: Afghanistan, Australia, etc.
Date: 19/01/2011
Description: Paul Cezanne's 172nd Birthday
Summary: Deciphering Cezanne's 172nd Birthday (January 19, 1839) Google Doodle..

Constantin Brancusi's Birthday

Spotted in: Afghanistan, South Africa, etc. 
Date: 20/02/2011
Description: Constantin Brancusi's 135th Birthday
Summary: Another review on the doodle of C. Brancusi's 135th birthday

Oslo Ski vm 2011 Google Doodle

Spotted in: Norway
Date: 23/02/2011
DescriptionFIS 2011 Nordic World Ski Championships in Oslo
Summary: A review on the doodle which marks the starting of the 2011 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships, Oslo.

Kuwait National Day

Spotted in: Kuwait
Date: 25/02/2011
Description: Kuwait National Day

Estonian Republic Independence Day

Spotted in: Estonia
Date: 24/02/2011
Description: Estonian Republic Independence Day

ICC 2011 Cricket World Cup

Spotted in: India
Date: 19/02/2011
Description: Cricket World Cup 2011, hosted by India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh